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O`ahu Builders is a local and family owned company spearheaded by skilled craftsman Ian Church. Ian is a second generation builder on the islands and has been in the construction industry since 2010. Starting as a laborer and working his way up to a working foreman, he takes pride in his work through every step of the process. The majority of his career was spent building custom homes and remodels, but he enjoys building creative and challenging projects. 

The O`ahu Builders O`hana values fairness, honesty, and friendliness as we hope to build meaningful relationships with our clients. We understand the investment that comes along with construction and will work hard to keep our clients satisfied throughout the entirety of the projects. Mahalo for choosing O`ahu Builders LLC and being a valued part of our O`hana!

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Building with hard work and honesty

At O`ahu Builders LLC, we strive to create an honest and trustworthy relationship with all of our clients. Our employees stand by our quality product and build your projects with pride. We promise to always prioritize the needs and concerns of our clients. No matter how big or how small, your projects will be completed to the highest standards both structurally and aesthetically.

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